Thursday, December 11, 2014

Sometimes I feel like giving up and close my store, I have not had no sales at all since September, and I have just had 2 sales only. I have had to stop the advertisement on Etsy 'cause I do not have money to pay something I am not making. 

A lot of My Facebookm Email, Gmail, Twitter, My Blog, and so on... personal contacts do not support me by sharing my links or shopping with me, just some of them do and appreciate it, but the rest not at all, and a lot of times word of mouth helps a lot. 

I do appreciate the people I do not even know personally, who have shared my store and favorite my page and store, thank you! 

My prices are very low now, even when some of my items take time and a lot of work to get or make. I am very discourage and disappointed. I just needed to take this out of my chest.

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