Sunday, August 30, 2015

Good Day!  I do not usually do this, better say, never really share about my personal stuff on this blog because I do not want people to criticizes me or take my intentions in the wrong way, but I really need help.  

My kids cannot go back to school, because I cannot afford buying their uniforms and supplies at all.  The job that I have, is not even a part time job, working just 10 hours a week if I work because I just go whenever the owner of the office calls me, so I make no money. In case you wonder, and do not know, my husband is almost blind and cannot work, and somehow cannot get disability either here. And It has come to the point that I really need another type of income, and I really need to get some business in our store soon to be able to send my kids to school and survive. 

Please help me by sharing my store by word of mouth, on fb, twitter, and any other way you may have, and even by buying in our store.  I am not asking for anything for free, just help for my family.   Please I really need your help. Thank you!