Sunday, December 28, 2014

Pharrell Williams - Happy

Pharrell Williams - Happy (12AM)

Aloe Blacc - The Man (Official Lyric Video)

Avicii, Aloe Blacc - Wake Me Up (Official Video)

Katy Perry - Roar (Official)

V. Rose - Not So Average music video (@vrosemusic @clearsightmusic @rapz...

B Urself!

"No Better U" - V.Rose (Official Video)

U R Special!

Unique Stuff 4 A Unique U: Britt Nicole - Who You Say You Are (Lyrics On Scre...

Unique Stuff 4 A Unique U: Britt Nicole - Who You Say You Are (Lyrics On Scre...

Friday, December 26, 2014

Britt Nicole - Stand (Official Lyric Video)

Britt Nicole - Gold

Britt Nicole - Headphones (Official Music Video)

Brandon Heath - Give Me Your Eyes

Brandon Heath - Jesus In Disguise

Britt Nicole - Feel the Light [Subtitulada]

Britt Nicole - Tú (Video y Letra HD) Traducido al Español [Pop/ R&B Cris...

Britt Nicole - Lista (Video y Letra HD) Traducido al Español [Pop/ R&B C...

Tell the Enemy to go Away! You have found a New Better Love in The Lord!

Dile al enemigo que se vaya ya! Ya encontraste un Nuevo Amor en El Señor!

Britt Nicole - Todo Este Tiempo (Lo Nuevo Del Pop En Inglés 2012) Música...

Britt Nicole - Who You Say You Are (Lyrics On Screen Video HD) New Chris...

Raely Elle - It's All Okay (Official Music Video) Christian R&B / Reggae...
En los ojos de un niño hay gozo, hay felicidad, hay esperanza, hay confianza, una oportunidad de moldear el futuro.

Se feliz sin ninguna razon como un niño.  Si eres feliz por una razon, estas en problemas..porque esa razon puede ser arrebatada de ti.
Se un reflejo de que lo que deseas ver en otros!  Tu receibes lo que das!

Me han confundido por coquetear cuando soy solamente amigable.  Me han confundido por ser grocera cuando solamente soy honesta.  Me han confundido con que estoy triste cuando solamente queiro estar sola.  Me confunden por timida cuando solamente quiero estar callada.  Dejen ya de asumir, y aprendan a conocerme mejor.   No intenten Definirme....
Today is the last Friday of the year!!! So let's say Good Bye to it with a Big Smile, so next year we'll be alive and well, enjoying all the weekends to come!

Monday, December 15, 2014

I am happy to know that a lot of people so far had "Favorited" my store, but even so, I have not had NO SALES at all, and that is so Sad and depressing!!!  Holidays!! and No even One Sale! It is very disappointed and really puts me down!  Specially when I know a lot of the contacts I have or people who have visited my store are buying stuff already elsewhere for more money, and items that are not as special as the ones Unique and Handmade Stores sell like mine.  Really Really Sad!

I feel sometimes that people these days have lost the taste for Handmade Items, which are the best, because are made by families with love, patience, care and time which makes every item one of the kind.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Hospital Window - Inspirational Video

We can do so much for others! Enjoy life!

Matthew West - Do Something

We always wait for God to do something, when we are here and can Shine His Light and Do something

Matthew West - Strong Enough

"Through My Father's Eyes" (Official Music Video) - Christian Singer, Ho...

Have a Blessed Day!


Saturday, December 13, 2014


Jamie Grace - Do Life Big (Official Music Video)

Get some refreshment in your busy' life today! I did, & I feel Great!

Jamie Grace - Hold Me featuring tobyMac (Official Music Video)

The Afters - Lift Me Up - Official Video

We all fall down sometimes! But even when we hit the ground...Get Up! He is there 4 Us!

The Afters - Light Up The Sky - Official Video

We R Not Alone!

Brandon Heath - Give Me Your Eyes

Brandon Heath - Jesus In Disguise


Sale During the Holidays!  Low prices, Lower than ever will be active during Holidays Time, From November 28, 2014 Up to January 2, 2015.  From December 15 to December 26, 2014 Use Our Christmas Coupon: CHRISTMASLOVE14, 20% for the Minimum purchase of $20.00.

That is why I am cleaning my Story Storage' box lately, and just leaving the good ones to tell and remember. What is done is done, what happened..happened, we cannot change the past, but we can definitely work for a better future, and live today the best we can!

This is so true! 
It is so sad when you write and post how you feel, or you may not write anything and keep inside how you feel going through so much, and some of the people you know cannot take the time to read or find out how you are once in a while, and try to lift your spirit up, like I try to do with them... 

Personally I do not ask for material stuff at all, but spiritual and moral support, means a lot to me.
This message help me a lot! Sometimes I feel like giving up, when all I need is patience to wait for something great to happen!

So true! But some people this days are so concern about $ and their own stuff, than they do not care about others like it used to be. Let's B Unique Today and Always by Caring!

Friday, December 12, 2014

All We Want These Holidays Is U!
Hope 2 See U Soon!

Good Morning!  Buenos Dias!

Please Visit Us, Follow Us, Like Us, Favorite Us, Shop with Us, and Share Our Links.
Thank you!
Good Night!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thank you to all who took their time to read my posts. I was feeling down, and needed to take all that out of my chest. Hopefully No harm done, and I am moving forward! I hope to see all of you or some of you at my links and store, and you will Like my FB' Page, and Favorite My Store soon! And the Best! if you become one of my Unique and Special Customer!
Thank you again!

Gracias a todos los que se tomaron el tiempo en leer mi comentario. Me sentia de bajon, y necesitaba sacar eso de mi corazon.  Espero no haya herido a nadie, y ahora sigo para adelante!  Espero verles a todos o por lo menos algunos de ustedes en mis Links y Tienda, y  espero le den Like a mi Pagina de FB, y le den Favorito a mi Tienda pronto! Y Mejor Aun, si se convierten en mis Clientes Unicos y Especiales!
Gracias otra vez!

Sometimes I feel like giving up and close my store, I have not had no sales at all since September, and I have just had 2 sales only. I have had to stop the advertisement on Etsy 'cause I do not have money to pay something I am not making. 

A lot of My Facebookm Email, Gmail, Twitter, My Blog, and so on... personal contacts do not support me by sharing my links or shopping with me, just some of them do and appreciate it, but the rest not at all, and a lot of times word of mouth helps a lot. 

I do appreciate the people I do not even know personally, who have shared my store and favorite my page and store, thank you! 

My prices are very low now, even when some of my items take time and a lot of work to get or make. I am very discourage and disappointed. I just needed to take this out of my chest.

Algunas veces siento tirar la toalla y cerrar mi tienda. No he tenido ni una venta desde Septiembre, y solo he tenido 2 ventas. He tenido que detener los anuncios en Etsy porque no puedo pagar lo que no estoy adquiriendo en ventas. 

Mis contactos personales en Facebook, Email, Gmail, Etsy, My Blog, y otros no me apoyan compartiendo mis links o comprando conmigo, algunos lo hacen y lo aprecio mucho, pero los otros para nada, y muchas veces el pasar la voz ayuda un monton. 
Aprecio a las personas a quienes ni conozco personalmente, quines han compartido mi tienda y le han dado like o favorite a mi pagina y tienda, Gracias! 
Mis precios estan bien bajos, aunque algunos de mis articulos toman tiempo y mucho trabajo encontrar o hacer. Estoy bien disanimada y desilusionada. Tenia que sacar esto de mi corazon.