Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hope U Visit Soon & Enjoy Getting Unique Items 4 a Unique Person Like U & Loved 1s! From R Family  ♥ 2 Urs! 

Hello Visitors!!!  Thank you for being Here!

You know, will be cool, so fun and so nice if we can have the pleasure to see you shopping in our store soon.  We know you or a loved one will enjoy our Unique, Cute, Fun and One of the Kind jewelry, Handmade jewelry and items, which you will not find anywhere else.

You may think, Why should I get one of these pieces of jewelry or items which, for you, may look cheap or not too fancy and/or with a brand name, but let us assure you, that our handmade jewelry and items are created with a lot of love, patience, time, dedication, and thoughts about Unique people like you, which you will never, ever find when you buy jewelry or items @ big stores or brand name' stores, where, most of the time, machines, which do not think about you as a customer, or people who work doing so many things at the same time and with a short amount of minutes in between each work have or give or put into each item, because these workers cannot have the time to stop and put so much love and dedication on each piece as they will love to, because of the rush of making so many items.

So, tell us, Where is the Uniqueness on each item for a Unique Customer like U, if you will wear a piece of jewelry or item made in a rush, or/and looks exactly the same than other people's?  Does that makes you Unique on what you wear or use in terms of jewelry, or items? Mmmm!

For that reason, each of our handmade jewelry, are Unique, you will not get another one like that @ any store or somewhere else.  We always put a special touch on each item we make, that, even when the items may look alike, they are Not, making each piece Unique Just 4 U or your loved one!  and that, R Unique Visitor, is what makes R Store and Handmade jewelry and Handmade Items. Different and Unique from other ones!!!!

Vintage Items, you may find somewhere else, but we always get them with so much love, time and patience Just 4 U too!

We admire Handmade Stores and their owners, that is why We started ours, and what makes Our Store Unique, is what make them Unique too. Handmade Stores, Handmade Jewelry and Items are Special.

Please, Never, Ever Underestimate that!

We respect big companies and big stores, brand name or not, we don't have anything against their product, just that for us, to B Unique on what you wear, U must wear something that nobody else has, and that you cannot find when you buy jewelry or items made in mass production and looking the same

We just want to assure and let you know that for Us and Loved Ones, Handmade is the best!!! and we hope for U will be too!

Hope to see you soon, and assist you as our customer!

HopeUVisit Soon&Enjoy Getting Unique Items 4aUnique Person Like U&Loved1s! FromRFamily♥2Urs! 

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